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Diaspora Meeting August 12, 2012 at St George Church Dwarka

Lessons from the Coonnen Cross Oath of 1653

Speaker: Mr T T Varghese

Goals: At the end of the presentation you should know:

  1. What was the status of the St Thomas Christians in Malabar (Kerala) at the beginning of the 16th Century, ie, before the arrival of the Portuguese colonial rule?

  2. How did the St Thomas Church come under the control of Roman Catholicism?

  3. Was the Church at this time dependent on outside leadership (bishops) and who were the bishops leading the Church till 1552 and after?

  4. Who was the bishop of St Thomas Christians just before Udayamperoor Synod and what were the steps taken to force this Church to Roman Catholicism?

  5. What was the purpose of the Udayamperoor Synod and what major decisions were made under the banner of this Synod?

  6. How long were the St Thomas Christians under the rule (control) of Roman Catholicism and what effort was made to make them accept Latinisation and the Pope?

  7. What was the role of the Archdeacon, how was Thomas Archdeacon elevated to the status of bishop, and what was his title?

Discussion Questions (Analysis & Application)

  1. What were the reasons for such a strong objection to joining the Catholic Church?

  1. How different would our response be as compared with the people of the Kerala Church at the time of the Portuguese offensive?

  1. What are the lessons we can learn from the event?

  1. What should our relationships be with others in the context of the Coonnen Cross Oath in terms of what is desirable and what is non negotiable?

    1. People from the Catholic Church

    1. People from other Christian denominations

    1. People from other faiths

    1. People who do not believe in God – either atheists or agnostics

  1. Any other observations or comments


  Meetings and Conferences Resource Material for Diaspora meeting Sunday 29th July 2012

St George Orthodox Church, Dwarka

Diaspora Meeting, 29th July, 2012

Topic: What I believe about the Lord Jesus Christ

Discussion Resources:

The following is taken from the website http://malankaraorthodoxchurch.in

Here we have a valuable article on the Nicean Creed, the basis of our faith, by Fr George Pulikkottil, D.Th. where hedid a Biblical analysis of the Nicene Creed to show that how much its words and usages are owed and quoted from the Holly Bible, the Word of God and the chief resource of the Church. One could see many more quotations from the word of God, however, what I did is giving a model study of it.”

The article gives us a clearer view of the position of the Lord Jesus Christ in our beliefs. How many of the 41 lines, that Fr Pulikkottil has references to, relate to Jesus Christ? What we believe about Him should be based on what the Creed says. So as we analyze and understand it better, we will be able to build more clarity on our own understanding of the Lord Jesus.

  Posted by joseph on Thursday, July 26 @ 00:01:08 EDT (1690 reads)
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  Spiritual Artricles Meetings: What I believe about the Lord Jesus Christ

joseph writes "
Our eternal destiny is determined by our beliefs. It was the English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton who in 1839 wrote, "The pen is mightier than the sword" highlighting the power of philosophy to influence the core of our beliefs, beliefs that can either save us or destroy us – for eternity!

Jesus is the greatest teacher ever. One of His methods to educate his listeners was to make them think by asking questions. Perhaps the most significant of these is what the Lord asked His disciples in Matthew 16:15: "Who do you say I am?" Our response will determine our eternal destiny!

  Posted by administrator on Monday, July 23 @ 02:18:58 EDT (2007 reads)
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  Meetings and Conferences News Articles: First IODS Conference

The first conference organised by the Indian Orthodox Diaspora Secretariat was held on the 26th and 27th of August 2006 at St. George Orthodox Church, Dwarka. About 160 college going and working youths attended the conference the theme of which was ‘Christian life beyond Sunday’. It began on Saturday evening with the theme presentation by Rev. Fr. PA Philip the Vicar of Ghaziabad church. This was also followed up with a Taize meditation led by Br. Oliver from France.

The Holy Qurbana on Sunday was ably celebrated by Fr. PA Philip. Rev. Santosh George, Secretary of the Chaplains section of the Christian Medical Association of India took an interesting session related to pluralism while Rev. Sunny E Mathew from Dharmajyoti Vidhyapeeth, Faridabad, took a skill building session in Bible Study.

The youthful choir from Janakpuri did an excellent job of providing a good musical diet while the Dwarka parishners ensured a good palate for all. The stylish St. Gregorios School just next to a Metro Station proved a perfect location for the conference.
  Posted by admin on Monday, November 20 @ 04:31:53 EST (11174 reads)
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  Meetings and Conferences News Articles: MGOCSM-IOD Delhi Diocese Annual Conference

The annual conference of the MGOCSM of Delhi Diocese was held on 1st and 2nd of October 2006 at St. Thomas School, Sector 8, Faridabad. It was the first time that it was organised in conjunction with the Indian Orthodox Diaspora Secretariat. The theme of the conference was ‘On the way to Mount Tabor’. About 150 young people from across the Diocese participated in it. The conference began with the celebration of Holy Qurbana in English by Rev. Fr. VM Abraham, the General Secretary of MGOCSM, at St. Mary’s Orthodox Church, Faridabad. In the inaugural programme that followed, Very Rev. MS Sakariah was the guest of honour as a representative of the Diocesan Metropolitan His Grace Job Mar Philoxenos.

Theme presentations were made by Fr. VM Abraham, followed by group discussions. He also took a session on the Christian Ethos of Marriage on the second day. Rev. Fr. VM James took a Bible study while Very Rev. MS Sakariah Ramban took a devotional talk on the 2nd. For the purpose of career guidance Mr.Sanjay Raphael Varghese spoke on the hospitality industry and Mr. Sunny Thomas on the media. Colour was added to the proceedings through ice breaking sessions, skits put up by groups and song sessions. Prayers were held in English and Hindi.

The programme was managed jointly by the MGOCSM (Vice President Rev. Fr. Biju P. Thomas) and the Delhi IODS(Vice President, Rev. Fr. Thomas Ninan) with the co-operation of the Faridabad parish (Vicar, Rev. Fr. Philip M. Samuel).On the whole the participants got to learn much like the importance of Renunciation, pilgrimage and the relevance of the Holy Qurbana. The organisers also got insights into the needs of the youth today.
  Posted by admin on Monday, November 20 @ 04:26:27 EST (3446 reads)
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  Meetings and Conferences Ghaziabad Diaspora on 'Church and new generation'

ferdie writes "Ghaziabad Diaspora Group Views

During a meeting held on Sunday, September 3rd, 2006, the views from the 14 members present on the issues between the Church and the youth were:

On the needs of the New Generation the Church should cater to :

-Developing better understanding of Orthodox faith and identity
-Tackling the language problem by simplifying Malayalam usage and encouraging English and Hindi
-Developing an attachment with the church like our parents have
-Promoting awareness about Orthodox Church in society
-Running counselling centres
-Facilitating prayer which involves through retreats for different target groups
-Facilitate interactions with other religions
-Facilitate social service

Read More..."
  Posted by admin on Friday, September 15 @ 07:03:09 EDT (4656 reads)
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  Meetings and Conferences Youth Voice Encouraged

The other day I heard a young man in one of our Diaspora meetings in Delhi say 'The voice of youth are suppressed'. Subsequently in a combined meeting with seniors I could see that manifest itself when many seniors spoke and the youth had only a few voices in the discussion. Below is the news of the world wide e******enical movement ENCOURAGING the voice of the youth. So lets work on gradually getting youth voice in the mainstream of the church. Further we could also encourage our church leaders to promote youth on the WCC body. Let's see how the Orthodox Church changes to ENCOURAGE youth.
  Posted by admin on Friday, September 15 @ 03:50:17 EDT (3016 reads)
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  Meetings and Conferences MGOCSM Diaspora Secretariat Inauguration

By the grace of the God Almighty, MGOCSM Diaspora Ssecretariat was inaugurated on 15th July 2006 at Nagpur by H.G. Philipos Mar Eusebius, President of the MGOCSM of India, in the presence of H.G. Stephanos Mar Theodosius (Metropolitan of Kolkata Diocese) and H.G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos (Vice-President, MGOCSM & Metropolitan of Mumbai Diocese). Fr. Philip Kuruvilla , currently serving as the Consultant on HIV and AIDS to the Christian Conference of Asia, and nominated as the Director of the new Secretariat, which was to be based in Nagpur, co-ordinated the proceedings, ably helped by Fr Bijesh Philip. The General Secretary of MGOCSM, Fr. Dr. V. M. Abraham was also present on this historic occasion, which covered two days of programmes.

Fr. Dr. Reji Mathew, Principal, St. Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary , Nagpur and most of the staff and students were part of the programmes, as were other eminent members of the clergy like Fr. Dr. Abraham Oommen, (Secretary of Kolkota Diocese and Director of the MP Christian College of Engineering and Technology), stalwarts of the MGOCSM, both past (“Senior Friends”) and present from all Dioceses- including the Gulf Countries- and well wishers from the host Cathedral in Nagpur. Many of those who came were those who had been present at the Seminar in Goa (2004) and the meeting at Aravali (Delhi, 2005) where the seeds of the idea of a Secretariat had germinated, and to prove that this Secretariat was not created in a vacuum , but after serous thought and planning.

Some Pictures of the Nagpur Meeting
  Posted by admin on Monday, July 24 @ 02:02:40 EDT (15376 reads)
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  Meetings and Conferences Inauguration of MGOCSM Diaspora Office at Nagpur

Day 1
Panel #3: “What the Youth Missed in the last 2 or 3 decades”
Moderator: John Jesudasan (Mumbai diocese)
  Posted by admin on Monday, July 24 @ 00:58:38 EDT (5467 reads)
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  Meetings and Conferences Mission Statement of the MALANKARA ORTHODOX SYRIAN CHURCH

Message from the ICON Moderators:
Respected Thirumeni has requested inputs from ICON Family for the draft Mission Statement of MOSC formulated by the sub-committee appointed by the Holy Episcopal Synod. This is a great oppertunity for us to be part of the decision making process of the Church on a very important issue. We request more and more value addition from our members in this regard.
  Posted by admin on Thursday, June 22 @ 03:05:17 EDT (4224 reads)
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  Meetings and Conferences Inauguration of MGOCSM Diaspora Office at Nagpur

achentom writes "Freinds
Here is a good news. The inaugural ceremony of the MGOCSM Diaspora Office will be held at Nagpur on July 15, 2006. This will be a historical occassion when there will be a separate office of the MGOCSM for the Diaspora region for the first time. Philip Kuruvilla Achen has been made the incharge. A mountainous task lies ahead of Achen for which he has specifically asked for prayer support from all of us. Here's wishing Achen all the best for all his efforts in the coming days.
Thomas Ninan Achen
  Posted by admin on Monday, May 22 @ 23:26:02 EDT (10978 reads)
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  Meetings and Conferences IOD One Day Programme on August 13 at Janakpuri

AchenTom writes "Friends
This is to mark in advance about the One Day Conference for the IOD at Janakpuri on the 13th of August, 2006. Details of the programme will be intimated later. Meanwhile, you are welcome to share your ideas towards the nature of the programmes for that day.
Please write to me at frthomninan@rediffmail.com or call at 011- 25083298 (R) ; 919891402276 (mob.).
Thomas Ninan Achen "
  Posted by admin on Monday, May 22 @ 23:24:57 EDT (10704 reads)
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  Meetings and Conferences English Qurbana at Sarita Vihar

Anonymous writes "Dear friends from Sarita Vihar
Spoke to Achen about the possibility of English Qurbana on the 28th May, has agreed to it provided there will be atleast a handful of interested people showing interest for it. Would now request you all to please consult your achen and let me know if we can come together for a practice of the Qurbana on the 27th May at the church there?
  Posted by admin on Monday, May 15 @ 06:31:14 EDT (3276 reads)
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  Meetings and Conferences Diaspora fellowship at Noida parish

Anonymous writes "Friends

We had a good meeting of the diaspora from the Noida parish this Sunday (May 14), with about 15 people attending the same. The occassion was mooted by the Vicar, Aju Abraham Achen who is keen in starting ongoing programs for the diaspora in the parish. The relevance and need for such a fellowship was shared among the participants. There was a felt interest among the participants and they are keen to meet Aju Achen in working out useful programs for the diaspora in the parish."
  Posted by admin on Monday, May 15 @ 04:14:46 EDT (9661 reads)
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  Meetings and Conferences Request for Eng Qurbana at Sarita Vihar

achentom writes "This is in reply to the query that whether there should be English Qurbana at Sarita Vihar. Please discuss it with your achen and let me know. I had mooted the idea to achen quite some time back. I am celebrating Qurbana at Sarita Vihar on the 28th of May, if you are interested, we can have it in English. but before that you should discuss with Achen and make sure there are enough people in the altar conversant with English Qurbana. If you need help in this, do let me know.
Thomas Ninan Achen "
  Posted by admin on Monday, May 08 @ 03:47:16 EDT (3359 reads)
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